Thursday, January 20, 2005

I'm back!!!!

Hello my friends,,,,sorry I have not been updating much the past two weeks. My day job keeps me very busy and even more so at the first of the year. We have just finished an eight car garage and since it took over a year to build it we had a lot of work to do once it was finished. I am going to completely redo my Kitchen next. If you are a member of the site you can see that some of the photo shoots are done in a "kitchen," you can also see that the kitchen does not go with the rest of the house. Well, that IS the kitchen in that house and it is sorely in need of redoing. Don't you just love the word "sorely"?

We are working hard on the "new" sites and you should see lots of progress from now on both in the development and in the updated "free" areas. Just to let you know they are: Being redone to hold all the spanking art after 1970. FREE for now. Only spanking related if you like great, bottoms and sexy "old school" girls. - All the spanking art before 1970. - FREE for now. Famous people that are or were spanked. ALL the spanking photos and art of Bettie Page and MUCH more.

Speaking of, we are doing our first Bettie Gets Spanked photo shoot this weekend. Our host of this brand spanking new site is our very own "Katie Marie." You can see her photo just under this note. More soon, please stay tuned. You can write me at or chat with me at sassydidit2 on Yahoo chat. Now go out and have a great day!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And it is jolly nice to have you back, too, Sassy! You deserve a pat on the back - or the bottom - for all your hard work and many congratulations on this Blog aand the whole Spankiong Digest empire!


4:18 AM  
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