Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Katie Marie will be the host of www.bettiepagespanked.com - Can't wait for it to open I bet? Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Hello


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How come the bettiepagespanked.com site seems to have disappeared? I check on it every so often to see how far along it has gotten, but for the past week all I can find is a "this page cannot be displayed" page or a "this page cannot be found" page. What's up?

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, give us a taste, please? And dress Katie Marie in tiger stripes next time, not a leopard print. I know that this might not match some retro look of Bettie's, but her butt would look sooo good with a tiger striped shift pulled up and six of the best with a cane gracing her young flesh. And with that vision swimming in my brain, I'm going to retire for the evening and fire up my vibrator...
Tarzan yell, "Aaaarrrghgreoaaagghhh, ahhhh eeeooooaaahhh!!!"
Jane Marie

2:37 PM  

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