Monday, August 08, 2005

What a RED and Sore bottom!

Kylie had a hard time behaving this weekend. First she did not tell the truth and went over Grandad's knee. She did not learn a thing and tryed to snick out of the house in a "pick me up" outfit. That did not fly and Mom had to teach her to act like a lady.

Later grades came out for the week and Dad had to have a talk with her along with Mr. hairbrush. Lot's of red bottoms and spanking all around.

If you want to see the complete sets of her being soundly spanked bare bottom over her "Mom and Dads" knee you should become a member of

I wiill try and post more photos tomorrow.

Sassy and proud of it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take my panties down and spank me Sassy Jane!

2:05 PM  
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