Monday, October 03, 2005

The Spanking Digest Update

Hello My Spanking Friends....

My FREE Blog Site:
The Main Site is at
The Spanking Gate

FREE FREE FREE Famous people that went over a knee.

The number one Spanking Site on Earth.
Over 5,000 paying members and growing everyday.
12,000 spanking items on 15
sites. # 1 Listing on Goggle under "spanking sites" and 'Spanking Photos"

PLATINUM PLAN (11) SITES AND GET AND VintageSpanking4U thrown in for FREE $30 worth of
spanking stuff for about $10 bucks a month.

Hello my Spanking friends.

Great news. is now open. We have added over 500 rare
and freshly scanned items items to the member site. We will be adding 5 to 10
items everyday from now on. $9.95 a month or less and well worth it

Our own Katie Marie will be your web hostess for the site.....Again Her personal
site is at

Soon the sites will all be stand alone sites. If you have been thinking of
becoming a member NOW is the time to take action.

You used to get almost ALL the Spanking Digest sites for one low price. Soon
you will have to buy each site on it's own.

Why, you ask? Bandwidth and payroll. Our server costs are now running $12,000
a month. Our payroll costs are now over $15,000 a month. We are now doing over
1000 updates a month. After six years of almost giveaway prices something has
to change.

Got to www.spankingdigest and lock in the best spanking deal in the world with
our Gold plan. Cheep, cheep and good good good.

Do you write spanking stories? Would you like a FREE membership to the sites?
Write me at for more information.

1) Photos and more from our photo shoots and the web.
2) Sexy spanking stories.
3) Butts and bottoms.
(what else?)
4) spankingstuff.comSpanking things for sale.
5) spankingfriends.comPersonals for people with a spanking interest
6) spankmovies.comSpanking in main stream movies.
7) Spanking
in Comics and Cartoons.
8) Spanking in
Mainstream books
9) A history of when you were young and naughty.
10) Misbehaving men over a knee.
11) "Out
takes" from our photos shoots and other spanking Videos.
Spanking in drawings and art after 1970.
13) More edgy, more
sexual, more severe. Photos from our photo shoots that were "too sexual" for our
other sites are posted here.
14) All the great old
spanking stuff
before 1970
15) Bettie Page spanking stuff. (when it opens)
16) Famous people that went over a knee.

We have shot over 2000 photos last month alone. Questions, concerns, problems,
advice on how to make the sites, the blog, the photo shoots better. Please write
me at

Now, you go out and have a great day. Spanks,

Sassy Jane and the rest of the Spanking Digest Team.


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