Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Hello my friends. As an early Holiday Present, I am going to give you Spanking Friends for FREE for the next year.... What's the catch you say?... Well, you know what they used to say in the 60's to hitchhikers, ass, grass or gas, nobody rides for free.

So ya have to do this for the free membership:

Get on our email mailing list.... Not on it yet?... Click on the word "link" below or on the HERE to sign up.... After you have signed up and filled out the survey, send an e-mail to asking for your free membership. You will get your passwords as soon as we can get them to you!!... PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOUR PASSWORDS WILL BE ALL LOWER CASE....
All this should not take you more than five minutes.... Enjoy, you guys Rock, I mean Spank.

Sassy Jane and the staff of