Thursday, February 02, 2006

Spanking - eBooks

Hello Folks,

The is proud to offer Digital Books (eBooks)! Most are optimized for screen resolutions larger than 768 x 1024. You will be able to download them and preview a few pages before a purchase needs to be made (so that you know what you are buying and if it "looks" right on your screen). Questions, comments, or concerns, please write


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Excerpt: "The use of a the cane in corporal punishment dates as far back as the Roman Empire, when the bundle of faces which symbolized poser and authority also symbolized the use of a flexible rod or stick used for whipping slaves and criminals."

Kenneth Harding, 1966 with illustrations

Full Book Price: $5.95


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Originally published in French in 1908, The Conjugal Whip tells the story of two families and of how the whip and birch rod were introduced to great effect, despite the initial protests of both young wives. When Leonie's hen-pecked father discovers his new son-in-law thrashing his daughter he is naturally furious. But after eventually being placated he is persuad

ed to use the same treatment to tame his dominating wife!

Aime Van Rod, 1908 with illustrations

Full Book Price: $7.95


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A whip snaps off two distinctly different psychological and physiological reactions. The first humiliates the ego and gives pain to the body. The second stimulates the libido and induc

es sexual orgasm. Incredible as it may seem, the second reaction has evolved into a sophisticated sexual outlet. It is the outlet -its origins and nature- which is the challenge so formidably confronted by this book.

Jon A. Peterssen, 1971 with photos and drawings/illustrations

Full Book Price: $7.95


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Two gorgeous young beauties expand their adventures in spanking and bondage!

Author Unknown, with illustrations

Full Book Price: $4.95


Anonymous Wintermute said...

These downloads are packaged as
Windows .exe file. No one in their
right mind downloads a .exe and runs
it. There is too much chance of viral
infection. And, in fact, how does
anyone know that you're not going
to install spywear or other noxious
software on their computers? Please
find another way to package your
downloads. Not that I imagine it
matters to you much, but if you keep
posting .exe files, I'm going to
remove your link from my Wintermute's
Spanking Links web page.

8:33 PM  
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