Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hello Friends of the,

This posting is to let you know what’s going on at

Hurray! It's April!! ... wait... it's April?!? Oh man... Did you do your taxes yet? You better hurry up if you don't want to pay fees.. and fees... and fees... =)

I know that you've all been waiting for Jane's First Caning (24 strokes... and they all hurt) to come out on video.. right? Well, wait no longer, go to Not only do we have Jane's First Caning (photo set can be found on but we also have several other clips that have been hiding in our archives starring Katie Marie, Tiffany, Kym, Payton, Kylie, and several gentleman... All of the photos from the shoots can be found on

Don't forget that we have another "videos site" too, FREE Videos for Platinum Members Only! The only way to get to them is from the Platinum home page, located here: The videos are only available for viewing with Windows Media Player, and you can get the latest version by clicking here

And remember that there is a glitch in our system that allows everybody to receive ALL of our sites for over 33% off! Just do the "Pick 4" Plan at and you can even choose!! Who doesn't want 13 sites for a little more than a buck a piece! After you have signed-up just log-in to the GOLD Area... even our single-site-memberships to Spanking Digest Only have access to GOLD! Limited time though...

More Great and New eBooks... you can find them all at Most are optimized for screen resolutions at least 768 x 1024 (15 inch screen). You will be able to download them and preview a few pages before a purchase needs to be made (so that you know what you are buying and if it "looks" right on your screen). Questions, comments, or concerns, please write

Spanker's Monthly Vol 2 Issue 1

(Click HERE to Download)

In this issue:

wSpare the Rod - And Spoil the Child

wJudge Spanks Jay Walker

wInnovations in Spanking

wThat was a Good Session

wPetticoat Punishment

wSpanking Note

wThe Mail Box

Excerpt: "In our study of corporal punishment we must determine just who is in favor of spanking as a means of bringing about proper conduct..."

Flag Publications, (date unknown, Vintage/Rare) with illustrations and photos

Full Book Price: $6.95

Don't forget that you can find the best Spanking eBooks in the world at:

The SpankingDigest and its family:
1) (main site) Photos and more! … from our photo shoots and the web.

2) More edgy, more sexual, more severe. Photos from our photo shoots that were "too sexual" for our other sites!

3) Sexy spanking stories.

4) Butts and bottoms. (what else are you looking for? hehe)

5) (NEW) All the great old spanking stuff before 1970

6) Personals for people with a spanking interest (temporarily free to every one)

7) A history of when you were young and naughty.

8) Spanking in Comics and Cartoons.

9) ( , opening soon) Spanking in Books, Magazines and Newspapers.

10) Spanking in drawings and art.

11) Bettie Page spanking stuff (hosted by a modern day Bettie Page: KatieMarie). (Opening Soon!)

12) "Out takes" from our photos shoots and other spanking Videos.

13) Famous people that went over a knee. (Opening Soon!)

14) Spanking in main stream movies.

15) Misbehaving men over a knee.

16) Top model on most of our sites and presently Hosts 4 of our own sites!

17) Enjoy a great discount on Spanking things for sale. (Members enjoy a discount)

Spanking Digest membership plans can be found here:

Are you a spankable woman? Want to make $75 to $125 per hour to be in one of our photo shoots? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to spank or be spanked in a safe, known, discreet environment? Go to:

We are looking for a few good men. If you are a nice looking and well dressed man and you think you might like to spank me and /or one of our models, please write me and send a photo too.

If you are a couple and would like to be in a photo shoot or even if you would just like to get together and "play" spanking games with me and my boy friend. Send me mail at We can’t respond to all requests but if your letter catches our eyes, you’ll be the first to know!

Until next time, my spanking colleagues... Spanks for your time!

Sassy Jane (
and the staff of the


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love all the Kylie spanking photo shoots! When are you going to have her back?

6:11 PM  
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