Wednesday, December 29, 2004

For you "Tiffany" fans, you are going to love this set. Tiffany has not been doing her ballet exercises and Mom is not happy. Only one thing to do here folks. I think you know what it is. You can see the whole set at It will be posted over the next few days. Remember we post ten photos each weekday from our photo shoots. That is over 2400 sexy, hot spanking photos a year.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would spank her on her dress with the hairbrush real good then take up her pretty dress and spank her long hard until she feels it and and if she tries to rub her bottom grab it and take down Tiffany's knickers and bare her bottom and spank her again with the hairbrush and once she has finished her spaking I would tell her to get on with her ballet lessons and I would watch if she missbehaves she would end up with another spanking.

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Put tiffany right over your knee and spank her real good on her dress then on her knickers long and hard until she kicks and yells then take down her knickers and spank her with the hairbrush on her bare bottom so hard until she cries even when she is kicking and sreaming make sure her bottom is red and sore and then she wont for a few days for not doing her balet lessons properly when she was supposed t. serves her right.

10:22 AM  
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