Monday, August 01, 2005

Because you both enjoy it

DEAR ABBY: I have been dating a wonderful man I'll call "Zack" for nearly a year. Zack is smart, funny, attractive, well-educated, and has a well-paying job that could provide us with a very good lifestyle if our relationship becomes permanent.

Several months ago, after a few drinks, Zack confided in me that he had always fantasized about me spanking him. Having had a few myself, I decided to make his fantasy come true. Afterward, we had the most amazing night.

I have indulged Zack once a week ever since, and I'm a little ashamed to admit this, but I rather enjoy it. It gives me a feeling of power.

Should I continue in this relationship? I don't think I'm being abusive because Zack has requested the spankings. We are both in our late 20s. He was never spanked as a child and seems to have a wonderful relationship with his folks. -- QUESTIONING IN CANADA

DEAR QUESTIONING: Because you both enjoy it, I see no reason not to continue the relationship. Whatever happens between consenting adults in the privacy of their bedroom, as long as it hurts neither one, is no one else's business, including mine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Questioning,

What a very lucky couple you are! Zack knew he had this need and you were open minded enough to try it and found it to be fun. It IS fun but the problem for men like me who need a good spaanking from time to time is finding a woman prepared to do it! Ever since my mother last took me over her knee I have always longed to meet a 'strict' female but even though twice married never got what I wanted, needed, deserved. Now I have a friend who smacks my bottom! I see her very infrequently but at least I know that my trousers will come down when we do get together! But all those wasted years!

Enjoy yourselves and remember we men NEED the discipline most deliciously exercised by you women.


8:58 AM  
Anonymous Ken the Enchanter said...

I know quite well that if someone in a couple has a strong desire for a particular type of erotic stimulation, he or she will do what it takes to get that fulfilled. Zack is lucky, and you're wise...and now you're enjoying yourself, too, so everybody wins.
Ben Franklin once said "where there is a marriage without love, there will soon be love without marriage..."

12:35 PM  
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