Thursday, August 25, 2005


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny but it has long been a fanticy of mine to have my bottom smacked in public. Someone to put me over his/her knee in public and lift my skirt and paddle me good and proper.
My late husband did it in private and always threatened me to do it in public.
I can almost feel it in this snap trying to cover yourself as best as possable for fear someone might see your knickes or in this picture your stogking top
Who knows maybe some day

Patrica P.

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooooh, Patty P! My boyfriend, Kyle, loves to correct me in public, preferably when it's something serious that will necessitate baring my butt for all to see the long, hard spanking. I'd love to lend him out to fulfill your fantasy, and thereby cut me some slack.
Jean Marie.

2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Jean Marie you are talking my language here.
Kyle seems 2b my type of man. The thoughts of it even and I fell I'm nearly half way there.
Jean Marie nearly 4 years without a man does strange things to one but to have a man and a public spanking together oh to much........

Patrica P.

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please can I watch

A Viewer

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, dear viewer, that would be the whole point; a whole group of people spontaneously united in the spectacle of my man spanking dear Patty P. soundly. If it follows my past public paddling's format, he'd pull Patty OTK admonishing her loudly to draw attention, spank her clothed seat while lecturing, stop to raise a skirt or lower a pair of pants, spank the panties' sweet spot even harder, then, when all are entranced, order the knickers to come down. I've actually had to bare my own butt for a humiliating lesson in front of dear friends and/or complete strangers on more than five occasions, and I can swear to a public paddling's effectiveness. What this plan doesn't include is reassuring sex right afterwards, as all our other sessions do, which makes it even tougher to take. It does give me a thrill to be the center of attention; I feel like a stripper on the pole, I feel like everyone's submissive when and after I've been publicly punished, which is fuel for excellent masturbation fantasy on the car ride home, or in bed later.

5:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, my fingers got so slick with my arousal that they slipped on the keyboard, and I signed-off unintentionally there.
So, Patty, where do you live? If you're in the midwest, maybe Kyle can "do you" very soon. You sound as though you need relief. It would be my humanitarian gesture to volunteer him for the job (as long as I can watch, too).
Jean Marie

5:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jean Marie unfortunately at present I'm up on the Canadian boarder but will be coming more South in the New Year.
So don't write me off just yet 2006 may not be such a bad year after all.
A good hand spanking in public would be a dream come true and "A Viewer" we'll keep you informed and anyone else who might like to come along.
Can't say as I'm looking forward to meeting Kyle [I really can't wait].
A very arosed Patica P.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come South, we'll thaw you out.
Kyle and I took a trip to Chicago, I got a very public spanking in a department store shoe department, and wrote about it in my story, "Stranger Than Fiction" in this website's Literary section.
Jean Marie

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember a college friend rhapsodizing to me and my roommate at the time about the first time she'd had sex in public. They were at a picnic in a park, were kissing, cuddling and spooning after they'd eaten, one thing led to another, and her boyfriend worked her shorts down and fucked her from behind in public. She thought it was great, I couldn't see the big thrill.
Years later I got spanked for the first time in public. My husband flipped up my skirt and spanked my panties-covered bottom about ten good whacks. I HATED it at the time, but realized later how sexually charged it was. I put on my sexiest nightie and seduced him that night; sucked him, let him put it up my ass, all kinds of stuff I don't usually go for, and told him that it was the public spanking that made me so randy. You better be sure that that wasn't the last time I got spanked in the great outdoors in front of others. I still hate it ten times worse than getting a lickin' in private, but it does turn me on. I don't know the answer, but have stopped questioning.

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My goodness, there are legions of us who have a taste for public punishment! Makes me wonder why they haven't brought back the whipping post in every town square. Ooohhh, there's a delicious thought, being brought before the assembled town citizenry, restrained hand and foot, stripped (maybe bare, maybe just the buttocks/target), spanked or strapped or paddled or caned or flogged or... right out in broad daylight, perhaps at high noon daily... It'd be especially great in cities like L.A. where so many pretty starlets and models reside. Some guy would get the idea to film it, like Girls Gone Wild; this would be Girls Getting Comeuppance. Lots of tight close-ups of white fannys turning red in the hot noonday sun.
Anyway, Pretty Patty P., I've been fantasizing since you told us your secret. I won't tell Kyle until all the plans are finalized. Maybe I won't tell him until just before the Big Event itself. We could plan to rendesvouz in New York City, say in the lobby of the Pierre, or in a swanky restaurant like Le Circe. I'd point out to Kyle the naughty girl trying to steal the salt & pepper shakers and silverware, how she's raising our bill with her theft, how she ought to have her skirt raised instead and her underwear stolen down. Kyle has that Sheriff of the World mentality of all true tops, he'd take the bait. Soon everyone would get a good look at your famous green panties, Patty. He'd spank their seat until every eye in the place was on your butt, every ear drawn to your whimpers and mews. But just a dust-up across the drawers wouldn't be sufficient for such a naughty thing. When he was certain that the bottom beneath was very red, down would come those chartreusse knickers, back over his knee would go sweet Patty's plump posterior, and all hell would break loose. Kyle spanks hard, Patty. He never quits until there's abject contrition, until you'd be yelling how truly sorry you were, until butt cheeks are crimson. I don't think I'd be able to keep from masturbating beneath the linen table cloth as I watched you get your public lesson in table manners. Even if it meant that Kyle would have to spank my naughty butt right after yours...
Just a thought. What do you think?
Jean Marie

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Jean Marie this is becomming obsceen.
Hope Kyle wouldn't mine if I was wearing garters and a belt Barry used always love me in those, and there is nothing wrong with my green pantys they are always tight and clean and also my "Plump posterier" is my pride.
On a more serious note I'm not sure I would be into my bottom being on full view that was never part of my dream but the spanking to be followed with a good telling off as I sobbed in full view of the assembled mases holding my sore hot bottom.
Hope that wouldn't spoil it for him [or you]. Anyway bold little girls shouldn't be playing with themselves and you want to give me a lesson in table manners.
Again an even more asrosed Patrica P oh where is my Barry now that 9/11 has a lot to answer for

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Short addendum
I'm sorry Tiffany I didn't mean to ignore you or but in and you are scaring me when you talk of the how hated it so much am I mad....

9:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go for it girl please go for it

The Viewer

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Patty, it is obscene, that's why I love it so.
First, garter belts and lingerie are always good taste, by all means wear your finest.
Second, I can't promise that Kyle won't remove any or all undergarment articles when he "gets rolling." I've never been able to stop the bull when he spots the red flag of my reddened fanny.
Some background may be in order. I met Kyle in L.A., he'd just broken up with a professional submissive who worked at the Chateau there. "Suzie" and all the girls called Kyle "the Maniac" because he spanked so hard and so long.
As I said before, he's publicly paddled me on several occasions.
Once, he had three poker buddies over for a late night of revelry and I was pissed because I hadn't had a similar night out with my girlfriends in too long. I had an attitude and let it show. I made the mistake of coming down to the den at one a.m. to complain about the noise. As secretly hoped, I was taken OTK, spanked very soundly, made to take my skirt off and crawl over his lap and ask for more, then told to pull my panties down and "count aloud what I had coming." I got 25 on the bare butt, grinding my wet vagina into his thigh the whole time, counting my swats but proclaiming that the blister-raising, first-degree-burners didn't hurt a bit (through my tears and yelps). I'm proud to say that there were four hard cocks rigidly tenting four pairs of trousers by the time I was allowed back up.
I could tell other tales, both about getting it at home in front of others, friends and acquaintances, or out in public places in front of strangers, but I think you get the idea.
If Kyle spanks you, Patty, you're probably going to be humiliated by a little bottom nudity as well as stung by the pain.
Think about it and write back. You know you deserve it, you know you want it...
Jean Marie

4:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Patricia,
I didn't feel slighted and you're not mad. I'm a girl who hates it while being spanked, hates it more so in public where it's more humiliating, but loves it afterward, and loves the make-up sex. You have highly charged fantasies about spanking, especially public spanking. It's a situation of "different (belt) strokes for different (spanking) folks."
It's a thrill to be posting comments with the infamously quarrelsome Patricia P & Jean Marie. Hope that you both don't get pissed off at me and want to spank my butt, I'm scared of you two!
Dear Jean Marie,
I love your comments here and I & my husband love your stories on the literary sister site. You've gotten me hot and given my husband some corrective ideas. So, thanks for the spanks that you inspire. We live in Los Angeles and know of the Chateau by reputation. Are you sure you never worked there?

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Jean Marie I have a problem..
I can see me publicy arrguing with Kyle
I can see him telling me to watch my step or else
I can see me telling him to get stuffed [or some other such like]
I can see Him saying "OK that's enough you've really asked for this" [or words such like] as he would go to grab me.
I see me saying "You wouldn't dare not here"
I can even see him putting me fighting like mad over his knee and slapping my backside for anyone to see.
I can see him lifting my skirt to show my underwear [black garters tight green panties and all] much to my shame/shock and continuing to spank me like a bold little girl.
But the idea of Kyle [or anyman] downing my panties in public is something I just don't know.
Tiffany you must remember the spanking is all that's involved here there is no afterwards only a sore bottom. So believe me there is no reason to scared of me anyway.
But getting back to Jean Marie I do deserve it, believe I do deserve it, but have I the guts to go the whole way? What the English film a while "The full monty"
I'm getting a Mass said for Barry in the next few days to remind me of him and I'll look for some guidance .
So when he points me in some direction I'll know, I can't go anywhere until Jan 06 anyway
Patrica P.

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, Tiffany, you made me giggle right out loud. You're addressing a shy school teacher, I'm not a professional sub. I guess I am experienced because I "came out" later in life and felt I'd wasted time being closeted about my spanking appetite, so made up for lost time.
I was fascinated to meet two professional subs at a party, not just because my boyfriend had a past with them, but also because of their lifestyle. They get punished repeatedly on a daily basis. Talk about job burn-out. And because Kyle had a reputation for buying an hour session and not wanting to talk or role-play, just wanting to discipline non-stop for 60 minutes straight, these girls, Suzie and Lea they called themselves, thought highly of me because I lived with Kyle. They thought that I must have a cast iron butt. I assured them that this wasn't the case, that I could distract him with sex after ten minutes (or 30, or sometimes, if he's really mad, it does take 60 or more), and they just had to just take it. (They weren't prostitutes.) I do fantasize about being a pro sub, however, and taking my pants down for whomever walks through the door. But my fertile imagination gets to design the script, not reality.
Now, Patty, don't stress about it, just think about it. I think that getting a public spanking that turns into a bare-butt session is like license to flash your nudity. It's like the rape fantasy that many women have; I'm not responsible, he's doing this to me, therefore I can enjoy it without guilt.
All this talk (typing) has me excited, it's been too long since I was last spanked. I think this weekend I'm going to have to misbehave, and if that occurs outdoors, say at the mall or a restaurant, well then, I'll be like the girl pictured over the sailor's knee. I'll keep you posted on what I do and how I'm made to pay by Kyle.
It's a pleasure to be blogging with you both.
Jean Marie

3:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, that didn't take long!
Typing this A.M. got me hot, so I went back to bed, pulled the covers off a sleeping Kyle, and started sucking his cock. He woke with a moan of pleasure. I put my naked bottom right in his face and really polished his knob, but just when he was loving it and getting into it, I glanced at the alarm clock and said, "My goodness, look at the time, I wanted to go to the Farmer's Market." I tried to leave him in that hard predicament. Kyle didn't take kindly to blue-ish balls, pulled me back in bed and over his lap. He began spanking me sensually, and when my butt was warmed up, he rhetorically asked, "How should I punish you this languid Saturday?" I piped up with, "I haven't been taken out back and made to cut a switch off the willow tree and been made to stand leaning on its trunk for a good whipping in ever so long, honey..." My wrist was seized and within 10 seconds that was what was happening.
Our busy-body neighbor can see over our privacy fence from her balcony. My yelps and moans drew her attention, I guess. She came out to enjoy the spectacle, called another biddy-bitch gossip-hound on the phone, both watched me get a really hard switching in the nude in my back yard while they talked about it on cell phones. I put on quite a show; and the way I stuck my deserving ass out for it soon distracted Kyle from using the thin rod on me to using his thick one in me. God, I love a good fucking right after a good disciplining! My butt hurts like hell, but I couldn't be happier! Now, do I misbehave again later today, so as to get to show off my marked fanny during another public hiding? Life is full of so many tough questions...
Jean Marie
P.S. to Patty -
You need some of this. Find a lumberjack, or a Royal Canadian Mounted Police to spank your deserving butt in the frosty great-outdoors. Ooooh, nice image; red-coated Mountie spanking a green-pantied Patty. He takes off that belt they wear over one shoulder, takes your knickers down, and straps you long and hard for the good of the community.
P.S. to Tiffany -
Live a little, convince hubby to spank you in public today, and as he's doing the deed, throw an insult back his way. Get him to give it to you on the bare for all to see. I dare you.
Jean Marie

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some days just turn out gloriously, and today is one of those for me. (I remember getting two spankings in one day growing up, and thinking it was the worst day of my life, how time changes one's perspective.)
After a righteous outdoor whipping followed by an intense quickie, both in front of scandalized neighbor lookie-loos, I convinced Kyle to join me at the Farmer's Market (actually I had to bribe him with the promise of more sex afterward if he'd tag along like he used to when we'd first met.) I didn't want to wear a chaffing pair of jeans on my freshly switched bottom, so wore a short satin skirt and a thong (loving the feel of that fabric on my sensitive cheeks). He chivalriously bought me a bouquet of flowers soon after we arrived. I bought lots of fresh fruit and veggies, which he voluntarily carried. Then I saw a garish table-centerpiece made of a basket full of squash and Gerber daisies, etc.; very ugly and expensive. "I have to have that for our kitchen table!" I exclaimed. "No you don't!" Kyle answered. I ignored him, leaned over the card table it was displayed on to make out a check for it. "You'll pay dearly if you don't stop," he warned. I just smiled and stuck my satin-covered rump out. The first loud swat landed solidly and scared the country girl selling these items from out of a pick-up truck; it didn't me, though it stung, I was expecting it. I got another before I heard the command to put the checkbook away. I continued making out the check as the skirt was raised. My cheeks were bare because of the thong, but Kyle pulled this garment down anyway, probably just to see my butt tremble (or maybe to see my exposed vaginal lips swell with arousal, or because he could...). I only got six spanks, but he walked me back to our parked car with his warm hand under my skirt on my throbbing bum. In the car, knowing our windows are tinted, I attacked Kyle. I wanted to fuck right then and there. He pulled a medium sized zuchini out of one of our shopping bags and told me to use it while he drove. I spit on the end and complied, masturbating like a maniac. When he got me home the flowers didn't go in water, or the produce in the fridge; he took me to our bedroom where I was spanked harder than before and promptly fucked from behind. We've spent most the day in bed frolicing, even though I have tons of school-work to do. Kyle doesn't know it, but if he takes me out to eat, I'm going for public spanking #3, all in one day.
Tiff or Pat - want to compete to see who can get the most bare butt blisterings?
A very happy Jean Marie

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Jean Marie just come back from moarning my man [gets harder every year you'd think 4 years would ...]when I see you've been busy, my god but you've been busy.
However one question I just have to ask what's all this about "School Work".....?

Patrica P.

8:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jean Marie I cut myself off there sorry but you don't sound like a "SHY school teacher " to me, poor students
Patrica P.

8:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jean Marie I cut myself off there sorry but you don't sound like a "SHY school teacher " to me, poor students
Patrica P.

8:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do I gather from the tone of your last posting Patricia that you are pulling back from this idea or are just afraid you might harm your husbands memory in some way?

The Viewer

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do I gather from the tone of your last posting Patricia that you are pulling back from this idea or are just afraid you might harm your husbands memory in some way?

The Viewer

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is all this facination with getting spanked in public??
I'm from Ireland and I'sorry for
butting in but as a 5th year in shool [I must have been 16/17]I was also the school bully especially with the younger ones [sweets and lunch money or what ever].
One Easter it all came out when a 6 year old,of all things a 6 year old told her mother who complained to the principal and in front of the whole school I was spanked.
It was a small country school with only a 80 pupals but she lectured me put me accros her lap spanked me and when I wasn't sorry enough she did it again this time lifting my skirt downing my tights and panties and with the base of one of her high heels gave me 6 very hard smacks on either check.
I was a mess crying pleading ang worst of all wetting myself [hersel really]
Needless to say I was the school joke for the next term and the following year [Nappy Rosey].
Never again.. so Patrica stay well away because it's as soore and downgrading as they come but it did leave me with a turn-on about spanking for somereason.
Long time ago
Rosemary Irl.

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, Patty, the gloves are coming off again.
I referred to school work because I am a school teacher; I have lots of grading to do as well as a Master's class to study for nightly. I am a former TEACHER OF THE YEAR, and have a 4.0 GPA for all my post-graduate course-work. And I am shy, don't proclaim my tastes except here and to a very few inner-circle friends.
So what is this "poor students" bullshit? You are so passive/aggressive, it makes my head spin. Forget Kyle, if I ever meet you I promise to rip your pants down and flail your sorry ass but good for you. I'm fed up with all your little zingers, they're worst than what school kids barb one another with, you ought to be taught a lesson.
Jean Marie.

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You wouldn't dair
Typical you
all blow and no ba..s.

Patrica P.


10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forget it, Patricia, you're not someone I care to converse with further.
Jean Marie

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See! I knew it'd come to this. In this case, I think Jean is in the right. Patricia, you can be a bitch sometimes.
I haven't had the nerve to go for a public spanking, as you suggested, Jean, or even to instigate any other kind of spanking yet. But thinking about has been so much fun.
Welcome, Rosemary, we have a lot in common. You write that you don't understand the fascination with public punishment, that you've been there and done that and that it hurt, and that it left you with an indescribable turn-on to spanking. Yep, you and me and the bickering butt-bongo bitches Jean and Pat and about 8 million others it seems. Write back, Rosemary with the rosey rump, tell us more about Great Britain where corporal punishment is greatly observed. Post a comment you other 8 million. I'm sure there are just as many nasty boys reading what we write (and wanking). God bless 'em.
Tiffany with the cute fanny

4:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tiffany what wouldn't you have given to have seen Rosemary's punishment.. I feel excited even reading it. What a sight it must have been.
The Viewer

By the way just how cute is your fanny

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So be it Jean Marie but lets not leave in total hatred heaven knows theres enough of that around.
Maybe it's best that I should leave it, my fantacy, as just that a fantacy they often do say that you should never get what you wished for.
Tiffany I know you ment well and I know that I can be my own worst enemy at times so I'll try to cool it.
Rosemary on re-reading your mail I think it's best that I do leave it alone as your experience scares the hell out of me
As to who "The viewer" is I never really did knew where you coming from,but yes maybe if anyone was to do it, it should have been my Barry
So it was nice while it lasted .... blame it all on the picture.

Patrica P.

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patrtica if you are still there I think you are making the right choice


8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, ladies, heavens no, don't touch the forbidden fruit because it might be poisonous. But it might just turn out to be delicious and embue some knowledge...
Jean Marie

7:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now Jean Marie thats not really fair. I have touched the "Forbidden Fruit" and the the only knowledge that it embued me with was that it was not only humiliating but it was sore very sore.
Ok it left me an emotional feeling about spanking but it's not something I'd like to repeat.
Bit of a "Bin there done that had the red bottom to brove it"
But to each their own so "One womens fruit is another womens bad egg" now lets move on.


7:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The prissiness of your last posting pisses me off.
It was on my mind yesterday, along with all that's been said here. My husband and I hosted a pool party. Now that Labor Day's come and gone, lots of friends and relatives don't have a place to escape the summer-like heat, but we have a backyard pool. Anyway, in the evening, when all had gone but my sister (half asleep in a chaise by the pool)and her husband (totally asleep in a drunken stopor on the living room couch), my husband got frisky with me in the pool. I took my top off. He called me naughty. I asked what that would mean. He put me over the edge of the pool. I squeeled so loud I woke up Betty. Jim peeled down my bottoms and smacked my wet fanny five times. It was heavenly hell. I've come out in public, mostly because of prisses like Rosie and Pat.

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tiffany maybe I didn't make myself clear, "If that's what turn's you on so be it".
A puplic spanking did nothing for me only pain.
I'm not sure what the word "Prissie" means but if my "Prissiness" has braught you out of your closet I am pleased and seriously happy for you

A lightly confussed
Life is so much simpler here in Ireland

8:18 AM  
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