Wednesday, March 23, 2005

"Spanked and Bruised"

The Law Society of South Africa has objected to a Young Designers Emporium campaign in which a woman is seen being "spanked and bruised".
The campaign, Brand Spanking New Fashion, is being run at YDE's stores and on their website.
The society's gender and equality committee said the advert is in bad taste and cannot be tolerated in a country where the legislature and other concerned stakeholders are making efforts to root out all forms of women and child abuse, said spokesperson Nonto Umlaw.
Society chairperson Thoba Poyo said: "Advertising is a very powerful medium and the messages emanating from advertisers are meant to change perceptions".
YDE creative director Sam Coleman said this was not an advert but a campaign on their shop windows and on their website and is directed at customers.
"It wasn't the intention that the campaign be taken seriously, we don't take our advertising too seriously," he said.
He said there are no bruises in the pictures, just a slight redness. He said that instead of referring to "new season clothing", they used "Brand Spanking New Fashion" in which they show males and females being spanked.
"We show a man and woman being spanked. It is quite surprising that no one said anything about the man being spanked," he said.
Coleman emphasised that they were not depicting a violent act. The campaign started a few weeks ago and "isolated complaints" were received. It was even discussed on a Cape Town-based radio station.
"If we receive an absolute barrage of complaints we will stop the campaign," he said.
"Our largest target group is women. Why would we want to offend our customers?" asked Coleman.
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Somethings cooking?

I have eaten every meal out for the last 12 years! Strange but true! Now it's time to redo the kitchen of my house. I am then going to take a cooking class. I guess a part of me (YOU guess what part) wants to see something else cooking in my house.

The Photos go backwards I know , I know!

I will be flying out to the East Coast early tomorrow morning. Going to Savannah and then driving up the coast for a few days of seeing the sites in Washington, DC. I will try and get some "spanking" related photos taken along the way.

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Spanking Lover in Jail again!

Spanking lover in jail again

London - An English court has sentenced a 44-year-old millionaire to five months in prison for spanking his fiancee with a riding crop, the Sun newspaper reported on Thursday.
Jonathan Banks, a widower, had lashed Sarah Williams, a 26-year-old model, on her bottom, back and feet with a black whip while the couple were enjoying sex together, a court in Wakefield, Yorkshire, heard.
He then threw her downstairs and tipped a pan of cold water over her. Banks repeated his performance the next day, prompting Williams to call the police to their opulent home.
Banks, who made his fortune out of garden sheds, had been jailed twice before for attacking women. He received four months for assaulting Williams - who first worked for him as a nanny for his sons aged 13 and 14 - after she refused to have sex.
Previously he was jailed for two years for wounding prostitute Safina Akthar, 25, before he met Williams 18 months ago.
Following the court case, Williams, who still lives in her jailed lover's home, said: "I am not going to talk about my relationship with Jonathan. This is private". - Sapa-DPA

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

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