Friday, July 29, 2005

About time

About time, is all I have to say. She did that football gag one to many times,

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Penny's Tale

"Penny's Tale"
by Robert

e've been friends for most of our lives, Millie and I, we were brought up together, went to the village school together and then on to High School where we were caned together! We were together at university, began our working lives in the same company, got married at about the same time and settled down with our new husbands in houses not more than a couple of hundred yards apart. All four of us got on very well together and, as young marrieds will, we regularly entertained each other to dinner at the weekends. Very much the DINKY - Double Income No Kids Yet - life style which we all enjoyed.
You may imagine my shock when, on sorting through the clothes for the weekly wash one evening, I found a little hand written note in my husband's shirt pocket. I recognised the writing straight away, the note was from Millie and its tone and content were quite unambiguous, Millie was confirming the time and place for her next rendezvous with my man! I felt sick with a sense of betrayal and my first impulse was to storm through to the sitting room and have it out there and then with my husband. After a few minutes reflection, however, I decided on another course of action - I would have it out with Millie and thereby, perhaps, solve the problem and save our marriages. I put the note in my pocket and, when I had calmed down, went through to the sitting room as if nothing had happened.
I suppose I had always been the stronger character in my friendship with Millie. She had always been happy to follow my lead and, when we had got into trouble it was usually my fault! That time we were caned at school was certainly my fault and, if Millie had not been such a loyal friend, she could have got away with it and left me to face the music alone. I am sure the Head Mistress knew the state of affairs and she gave us every opportunity to explain but Millie was too loyal and I, I am afraid, lacked the guts so we were both sent to stand outside her study to await punishment. She took us both into her room together, bent the blubbering Millie over her chair, raised her skirt and gave her three mild strokes across the seat of her bottle green school knickers. Millie, poor dear, howled in anguish but did not 'tell on me'. I watched fascinated. When it was my turn to go over the chair the Head said to me "Don't think for one minute that I do not know what has been going on here. Six for you, my girl, and on the bare bottom!" Made of sterner stuff than dear Millie I took my medicine with just a gasp of pain at each of the six strokes. It was an experience I made sure was never repeated! That caning did not damage our friendship, it may, indeed, have strengthened it and it certainly confirmed the pecking order.
So! I had to arrange to have things out with Millie and I had a plan forming in my mind as to how this would be done. There was to be an international game at Twickenham, England versus France, a needle match if ever there was one. Both the boys were going, of course. I enjoy watching a good rugger match myself but I knew that Millie was not keen. Perfect. The chaps would probably rather be without us that afternoon and I fixed for Millie to come round for tea and a good old chinwag. I was becoming quite excited at the plan I had in mind!
Millie arrived punctually and greeted me as warmly as ever - the deceitful little bitch! I was icy calm and managed to hide from her that anything was wrong. We chatted in the kitchen while I made tea then we took the tray through to the sitting room and put it on the coffee table. I looked around me, the stage was set. Millie, totally at ease, was awaiting an invitation to sit. I took the note from my pocket and opened it. Millie watched with a puzzled expression then, clearly recognising what I had in my hand, the colour drained from her pretty face. I caught her off balance, grabbed her arm and, in one movement seated myself on the settee and pulled her down across my knee! It went much more smoothly than I had dared to hope. Millie howled "What are you doing?" but I am certain that she knew only too well! She made a pathetic attempt to rise but, as you'll no doubt know from personal experience, it is not easy to escape from the over the knee position. Millie began to cry! "I'm sorry" she wailed "It was nothing, really, it was nothing" Slowly and deliberately I pulled her skirt up as she pleaded "No, please, no!" She had on a silk slip which clung to the fine, full curves of her bottom. She was now sobbing pathetically but no longer struggling. I hoisted her slip. "Not my knickers, please, not my knickers" she pleaded. Clearly she now accepted she was in for a spanking. I decided to leave her that last vestige of dignity "You deserve it on the bare" I said "But, alright, you can keep them on". My friend Millie sobbed her thanks and seemed to settle across my lap to take her spanking. She rested her head on her folded arms and, weeping quietly, waited!
I have to admit to a guilty thrill at the feel of Millie across my lap, the sight of her bottom, clad only in the scantiest pair of pants, the sound of her quietly sobbing as she lay there submissive and accepting. I have never seen myself as a dominatrix, God forbid, but at that moment all I wanted to do was to smack that bottom hard and long! So I did just that!
I held my friend firmly in place with my left hand and raised my right. "You've asked for this" I said and, SMACK, brought my hand down sharply across her bottom. She shrieked, her body tensed across my knee and a gentle pink glow suffused her curves. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Millie yelled and howled and writhed as she took the first half dozen then she seemed to give up and lay slumped, her sobs punctuated by the sound of my smacking as I gave the wretched girl a full three dozen! I stopped her punishment but left her lying meekly across my lap. Her bottom glowed an angry red visible not only where her cheeks peeped out but also through the filmy fabric of her briefs. Millie gulped through her tears "I'm sorry, Penny, I'm so sorry"
After a while I said "You'd better get up, dear" and Millie stiffly eased her self off my lap and, her hands massaging her battered bottom, stood before like a naughty little girl.
"The tea will be cold" I said

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

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Monday, July 18, 2005

The new girl on the "knee". We did a great photo shoot with Nicole. She is hardwired from birth to need and want a good bare bottom spanking. We "aim" to please at The Spanking Digest and plan on giving her just what she wants. More of Nicole will be posted soon. Posted by Picasa

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