Saturday, September 29, 2007

Why is everybody looking at my big arms?

A Prime bottom for the Primer Nationals...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Attention Writers of Spanking Stories!

We at Spanking Digest are looking for some new writers of spanking stories to add to our wonderful group. For any story of yours we post to the Spanking Literature section of our site, you will receive anything from a 30 day membership to SpankingDigest, to a full 3 month GOLD membership. It all depends on quality, detail and length of your story.

So whether you write short ficlets, lengthy oneshots, or full series, we'd love to read what you have! It's amazing to be able to read someone's material and really watch the scene unfold in your mind. Help us see into your mind by sharing your spanking fiction(or nonfiction, as long as it's in story form!) with us!

Please send any stories you have to SASSYJANE6@AOL.COM

Here is a great example of a short story. Enjoy; we hope it gets those creative juices flowing!

My Long Wait

By Robert

I flinched as I felt the Head Mistress tap her cane lightly across my tight bottom. She was getting her point of aim. My long wait was over!

It had been a good 45 minutes ago when I had sealed my own fate by committing the most reprehensible and unforgivable sin! I, with my class mates both boys and girls, was seated in the gym in rows of well spaced desks the studied silence broken only by the scratching of ink nibs on sheets of foolscap paper, the ticking of the clock as it counted out the minutes allowed for the paper and the occasional sigh uttered by an intellectually challenged examinee who had progressed no further than Q. 1. There was one other sound which I had failed to detect, the steady padding of the invigilator’s feet as she stole down the rows of desks to where I sat. A hand on my shoulder and a whispered “Come with me, boy!” and I rose, trembling, from my seat and accompanied her from the room. As the door closed behind us I heard my captor’s colleague murmur. “Carry on with your paper, please”.

Out in the corridor, having sent for a Prefect, she wrote a short note, folded it and handed it to me “Go with Caroline” she said indicating a sweet faced girl who had appeared by her side. She then returned to the gym from whence came an excited murmur and a sharp “Silence!”

I knew at that moment that I was in deep, deep trouble and that Caroline, who clearly knew the routine well, was taking me off to have my bottom caned! In case I had missed the point the angelic looking girl said “You are in real trouble! Come with me to the boys’ locker room!”

Caroline remained outside the locker room, as befitted a modest young lady. Her instructions, and I swear she licked her lips as she uttered them, were chillingly clear. I was to take off my trousers and underpants and don a pair of flimsy gym shorts. The reason was horribly clear, horribly, frighteningly clear.

I was a tall lad and wore long trousers. When I had carried out the orders of my toothsome escort and emerged into the corridor, I might just as well have had a notice hung round my neck proclaiming “THIS BOY IS OFF TO BE CANED!” No doubt intentionally I had been made to look ridiculous. Above the waist I was in my school blazer with a smart white shirt and neatly knotted school tie. Below my white shirt tails were visible the flimsy legs of my gym shorts from which my legs extended down to my grey socks and high polished black shoes. There were people around watching me as I came out and, no doubt, thrilling at the sight of Caroline taking my arm as she said “Let’s just check” as she raised my shirt and gently pinched my bottom! “Good. I would be in trouble if I took you to the Head improperly dressed! Come along, boy.” Turning to the awe struck lookers-on she added quite inaccurately, “Run along now, nothing to see”

The walk through the long corridors to the Head’s study was torture. Of course I hung my head in shame and embarrassment. Of course I tried to hide my humiliation by clasping my hands over my bottom but I could hear the gasps, the whispers, the giggles and one very distinct comment “Who’s that? Boy, he’s for it”. Then, recognising me, he went on “It’s old Smithie! Bad luck, Smithie.” Everyone, it seemed, had heard! They were all watching my dismal progress, all making their own guesses as to what I had done, all guessing who was to cane me. Some even thought it was to be Caroline and one boy, who clearly had strange tastes, was heard to say she could give him six anytime she liked. Caroline, blushing happily, hurried me on to the Admin. Block Head wherein lay the Head’s study.

“Wait here, boy” and she knocked and entered. I heard the babble of girlie voices as the door closed behind her.

it must have been ten minutes as I stood, head bowed and hands clasped before me, before the door opened. My heart missed a beat! This was it! But no, a dozen or so excited young ladies emerged from their Prefects’ meeting looking at me with interest as they passed. At the back of the group came Caroline looking distinctly displeased. She paused “The Head will see you soon” she said “Wait there, I have to leave you now” and she stalked off angrily, her gorgeous hips swaying and her pleats swinging! It occurred to me as I stood there in my misery that young Caroline had hoped to be there when I got my comeuppance!

Another miserable five minutes passed, then the door opened again and out stepped the Head Girl. Selina Scudamore was a tall, slim blonde whose schoolgirl’s blazer and gymslip did little to disguise her luscious figure. I had always admired her from afar, hopelessly longing for a closer acquaintance. She smiled! “The Head will see you now – you naughty little boy!” she whispered and held the door open for me!

I looked round the study in fright! There in the centre of the room stood the chair! Beside it, clutching her heavy cane, stood Mrs. Fosberry, the Head Mistress. She was an elegant woman in her early forties, wearing her academic cap and gown. Selina came forward and stood beside her and it occurred to me that if I were to be beaten, and clearly I was, the punishment could not be carried out by two more exquisite and sexy women!

“Get him ready, Selina” and I was led, unresisting, to the chair. Selina pressed on my back. “Bend over, please and grasp the chair seat”. She stepped back and I stole a glance at her lovely face. She licked her lips! “Ready, Head Mistress”

My long wait was over!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dream Teacher

I don't know about any of you, but I personally wouldn't mind being punished by this teacher!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


This one certainly can't say that she didn't ask for it!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The results are in!

Well as you can see, statistics clearly show that spanking is not only effective, but rising in popularity! Great news for spankers; not such great news for unsuspecting bottoms!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Someday my Prince will come...

Oh wait, here he is!

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Spanking - A cure for Stage Fright?!

Wow, I wonder if a good spanking would cure everyone's stage fright. I can certainly think of a few people I'd love to see spanked; can't you? ;)