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Thursday, December 30, 2004

The World In Pain.

It is hard not to feel the pain and suffering that parts of the world are experiencing. We sit here and our life remains the same as it always has been. In a far distance land over 100,000 human soles and lives are gone in what seems like the blink of an eye. Millions of peoples lives will never be the same again. Many of the people that were impacted lost everything they have.

There is not much that can be done by a person like me. I am not about to run off to a far away part of the world to help. But I am going to send a check today for $1000 to the Red Cross in the S. Digests name. Money will not bring back the lost loved ones but it might help the physical suffering a bit for the people that are left.

I will also send another 25% of all the money that comes in from new sign ups over the next ten days. If you have been thinking of joining The Spanking Digest or one of it's sister sites....This would be a good time. I will report back to you the amount sent on the 10 th of the month. Be good, be happy...we have no idea how blessed and lucky we are.

Your friend.

My Vote is to Spank the parents

Posted on Thu, Dec. 16, 2004 Sometimes it’s hard to tell who needs a spanking worse, adults or kidsBy WARREN BOLTONAssociate Editor.
WHILE GOOD parenting can overcome peer pressure and get children on the right track, bad parenting can ruin them for life.
Some parents do more to guide their children in the wrong direction than any gang, peer, movie or CD ever could.
And then, there are times when parents trying to do what is right get tripped up by some of our strange laws.
Consider these recent stories from around the country.
Florida parents Cat and Harlan Barnard went on strike, moving out of their house and into a tent set up in their front driveway. Why? Because their 12- and 17-year-olds refused to do their chores. The dishes and dirty laundry would pile up for days and the parents got tired of it.
Cat Barnard, the mother, said she and her husband had tried “reverse psychology, upside-down psychology, spiral psychology.” Smiley-face charts didn’t persuade the kids to do chores. Neither did withholding allowances or a trip to a psychologist. Nothing seemed to motivate the children to be obedient.
What’s the problem here? It seems someone needs a good spanking to get them in line. And maybe the kids need one too.
I can’t even begin to imagine my mom, or any other old-school parents, moving out of their houses because kids won’t behave. Something has gone terribly wrong when the parents lose such control that they can no longer stay in their own homes.
In my mom’s house, there was no begging children to behave or do chores. The only begging would have been on the kid’s part: “Please, momma don’t whip me.” But oftentimes, she didn’t have to go that far. She was strong, consistent and no-nonsense. You simply didn’t challenge her.
What’s happened to today’s children? Nothing, really. Children haven’t gotten out of hand; the parents have.
If the Florida case isn’t wacky enough, what about the recent Washington Supreme Court ruling that undermines parents who would reel in wayward kids? The high court ruled that state law prohibits parents from eavesdropping on a child’s phone conversations.
The case reached the supreme court because of a purse-snatching. A 17-year-old boy was convicted of the robbery, in part on testimony from his girlfriend’s mother. The mom had overheard the boy talking about the crime while on the phone with her daughter.
The daughter was talking on a cordless phone in her bedroom. the door was closed. Her mother, who was in another room, pressed the speakerphone button on an extension. As she listened in, she took notes.
Washington state law prohibits intercepting or recording conversations without the consent of all parties. The court ruled the daughter and boyfriend had a reasonable expectation of privacy on the phone. “The Washington privacy statute puts a high value on the privacy of communications,” Justice Tom Chambers wrote.
The boy will get a new trial, and motherhood got shafted.
My mom’s policy on privacy was pretty simple: Children didn’t have any. She owned the house, the bed, my clothes, the phone. She owned me. There was no such thing as clutching the phone and going into a back room. Five minutes was about as much as she allowed on the phone. She always said if we talked any longer than that, chances were pretty good we had started lying to the person on the other end.
The shameful part of the Washington court’s decision is that it gives children too much rope, rights and room to rebel, as if some parents aren’t far too lenient on their own.
Some parents give teens rooms on the back or upstairs with their own separate access, allowing them to come and go as they please. Parents have no idea sometimes what their kids are watching on television — or who they’re watching it with.
As long as we were under my mom’s roof, we were under her strict control. As I’ve written before, in my mother’s house everything was subject to “search and seizure.”
She knew our every move. We couldn’t lock doors in the house without her asking, “Why is that door locked? Open it.”
The final absurd story comes from the Big Apple. It’s about children’s wear that parents are rushing to buy from a store called Lil’ Ricky’s in the Upper East Side of New York.
Among other things, the store sells infant clothing with dirty phrases printed on it. We’re talking about T-shirts and onesies with “B— Better Have My Bottle” and “Sir Craps-a-Lot” printed on them. The clothing line is produced by San Francisco-based Babygags. What kind of parents would want that kind of filthy language on their baby’s clothing?
Probably the kind of parents who would use just about any language around their children.
We rightfully give children a tough time about being disrespectful, hard-headed and self-indulgent. But if we look closely at how they are reared, we might find that grown-ups play a key role in helping kids become what they become.
Some parents spend little time with their children or fail to give them good guidance. Others work so hard to give their children what they didn’t have — material things — that they fail to give them what they did have — love and discipline.
And a good down-home spanking when they need it.
Reach Mr. Bolton at (803) 771-8631 or

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

For you "Tiffany" fans, you are going to love this set. Tiffany has not been doing her ballet exercises and Mom is not happy. Only one thing to do here folks. I think you know what it is. You can see the whole set at It will be posted over the next few days. Remember we post ten photos each weekday from our photo shoots. That is over 2400 sexy, hot spanking photos a year.
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Just wait until the panties come down and the hairbrush comes out. Pass the cold cream because it's going to be needed. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Sorry,,,,the "right" chat address is and Sassydidit2 at Yahoo chat////Feel free to IM (or send me mail) if you see me online. Send me anything you feel our spanking friends would like to see on the blog,,,it can be true spanking stories or even ones you wrote. Photos, Drawings and stuff you find in the news. I am also buying collections of Spanking Material. Write me with you have.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Spanking New Week!

Good Monday morning my spanking friends. (or should I say Bad Monday morning as it's hard to come back to work) I had a wonderful weekend. I do hope you did also. One down and one to go then it's on to a "spanking" New Year.

Busy week for me. I have all the end of the year stuff to do for my "day job." I am lucky to have 30 great people that work for me. Because they are so good I can take the time to enjoy my "real love", spanking and the spanking sites. It gives us the time to travel and to spend a lot of time on The Spanking Digest and its sister sites. We have now been "in business" for over 5 years. Many of our paying members have been with us since the very beginning and we now have over 5000 paying members from over 60 countries all over the world. I am not sure but I think we have the highest percentage of women members of any spanking site. About 40% of our members are "girls."

Speaking of, we are working hard to get the new sites up. We are having dinner with our host this week. Lots of planning to do so that it is fun, exciting and sexy.

You guys get something done this week! Stop by often, please, as I try to add something most days.

If you want to say hello, share a spanking story, send me something for the blog, give me your spanking background or even have a spanking collection you might want to sell look me up at.
sassydid2 at Yahoo chat.

I am on both these buddy lists off and on most of the day...if you see me say hello and I will try and get back to you.

Have a spanking good day.

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Saturday, December 25, 2004

My Christmas Wish to YOU!

That you have your best year ever! That you are with or find someone that meets your "Spanking" needs, whatever they might be. That you visit my blog or often. That I can add a little thrill to your day. Some of you are members. Some of you are friends. Some of you I chat with. Some of you I have met. Each of you is special to me in some way. Our connection is our interest in Spanking of all kinds and colors. I am so blessed, that because of my interest in spanking, most of my dreams have come true. I hope you have or can be with loved ones today. If you can't be with that special person or some of them are not in your life anymore, you can rest assured that you have someone "out there" that cares about you and that person is "me." I know I should be spanked for being so "mushy" but it tis the season. Until tomorrow, Sweetdreams. Yours, Sassy Jane. BLOG: SITE:

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Oh Santa! All is want for Christmas is a long, sound spanking! Is that asking for to much after all these years? Posted by Hello

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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Hello boys and girls. Back from my trip to the Big Apple. Well, let me tell you, they should name it the "cold" Apple. The HIGH on Monday was 17' and the wind chill was under 0. It was lots of fun and I will post more photos soon.
Lot's of news coming about the Spanking new sites under development. Soon to open.
You can have a look at the FREE areas as we develop them if you want. They are only open to you and not the general public yet.
All the sites will be as low as $7.50 a month each and will have lots of updates and items you can't see anywhere else.
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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Spanking Digest Update

Sassy Jane -- My FREE Site:
So my Spanking Friends there is only a few days left to pick up that hairbrush
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We have taken a number of great photo shoots already in December. Go to the blog for some great samples. We have shot over 2000 photos this month alone.
I will be leaving for New York City tomorrow and will be there until next Wednesday. I will be spending some time with my parents. I am stopping by Movie Star News to see what I can get
regarding Spanking items and also items for the new site.
We have signed a great model to be the spokesperson for this site. Pretty,
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Stuff, photos, spanking news and more.. I posted some of the photos from the
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A Brand Spanking new FREE site. We are about to open and
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Well, that is about it for this week. You guys have a great, fun but safe week.
I will leave the light on for you and the hairbrush in the hall. I have a
feeling you will be "thankfull" I did.
Sassy Jane and the staff of The Spanking Digest.

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A takeout of the photo shoot we did with Tiffany last Friday. Tiffany is one of the most requested models on the site. Fresh and sexy she has been a spankophile from a very young age. So cute and spankable, how can you not want to see much more of her! Just go to and become a member! Lots of her on both and our more sexualy explicit site Posted by Hello

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Sunday, December 12, 2004

As Promised !

Man what a weekend. We did a Tiffany photo shoot on Friday afternoon. I will post a take out of two from that group tomorrow or the next day. The full sets will be posted on over the next few weeks.

Yesterday we did the first sets. We shot over 1400 photos in two days. Most of them you will never see but about 200 to 300 will be real keepers. After that shoot we went out and picked up a very rare and very beat up 1942 Ford Woodie. Then rushed back for the office Christmas party at my house. Excuse me but after this post I am going home and going to bed. To sleep silly and perhaps to dream. You guys enjoy the rest of the weekend. After my nap I am going to a very nice dinner and then to see Oceans 12. . See "ya all" soon.

No need to say anything here....if you want to find out just where this is going you will have to become a member. Posted by Hello

More of the first sets. Sure to be a winner. There are over 400 people on the waiting list to get in when we open. Write me at sassydidit2@aol to get your name on the pre open list and only pay $9.95 a month. The door closes at 500 smart people. Price will go up soon. Get your name on the list today
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More tomorrow, please come back. Join today - the best darn Spanking deal around. 10 to 14 great sites as low as $12.95 to $15.95 per month
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Friday, December 10, 2004

Two great photo shoots coming up this weekend. Carol will be shooting a spanking and cheese cake set this afternoon. Sure to be hot as you will be seeing "more" of her than you have in the past.
On Saturday we will be doing our first shoot of Kim for She will be the host of this spanking new site. We are going to do some sets in black and white in some 1950s rooms, both spanking and cheesecake. This will be shot by a professional "glamor" photographer and the photos should be very very good and very very sexy. Samples will be posted on Sunday. Sign up now so you don't miss a one of the full sets.
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Be still my heart! Stay tuned for samples on Sunday of these two shoots. Posted by Hello

Monday, December 06, 2004 is on its way. The site will be hosted by a modern day "Bettie Page" our very own "Mary Jane". She will be working hard to bring you a site that is sexy, fun and unlike any other site out there. You can go to the site and have a look, you will not see much yet but stay tuned and please bookmark it.
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To see complete sets of "The Three Spankatears" you have to become a member of - - - We have lots of great plans for the new year. See these sexy girls get soundly spanked and more JOIN TODAY! As low as $9.95 and month,,,and your worth it? Give yourself a little gift...from Spanka.
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